Perdido Beach Automation

Perdido Beach, Alabama

Web Software Development and Testing

Functionality testing:
Browser compatibility
Mobile Usability
Load or stress testing
Software testing
Accessibility testing
Content testing

Browser compatibility
Operating system compatibility
Mobile browsing
Printing options

Test forms:

Forms are an integral part of any website. Forms are used for receiving information from users and to interact with them. So what should be checked in these forms?
First, check all the validations on each field.Check for default values of the fields.Wrong inputs in the forms to the fields in the forms.  Options to create forms if any, form delete, view or modify  the forms.
Testing checklists:
Functionality Testing
Usability testing
Interface testing
Compatibility testing
Performance testing
Security testing

Check links:
Test the outgoing links from all the pages to specific domain under test.
Test all internal links.
Test links jumping on the same pages.
Test links used to send email to admin or other users from web pages.
Test to check if there are any orphan pages.  
Finally, link checking includes, check for broken links in all above-mentioned links.